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imagem PSP
Polícia de Segurança Pública is a uniform and armed police force of public service nature and with administrative autonomy. As a criminal police force, its mission is to ensure the democratic legality, to guarantee domestic security and the rights of citizens, according to the law and the Constitution.

Largo da Penha de França, nº1
1199-010 Lisboa
Tel.: 218 111 000 / 965 989 000
Fax: 218 147 705 / 218 110 018
Email: contacto@psp.pt
Site: http://www.psp.pt

imagem ASAE
ASAE is the Portuguese administrative authority specialized in food safety and economic monitoring. It is responsible for the assessment and communication of risks in the food chain as well as for regulating economic activities within the food and non food sectors, through supervision and prevention of the legislation enforcement.

Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, nº 73 
1269-274 LISBOA
Tel.: 217 983 600
Fax.: 217 983 654
Email: correio.asae@asae.pt
Site: http://www.asae.pt/

imagem INPI
INPI is responsible for informing the general public and government authorities engaged in the fight against counterfeiting, namely about the law situation of industrial property rights (i.e. information about the holder’s representative). Upon request, INPI is responsible for performing expert analyses to compare seized counterfeit goods and registered rights. It also develops awareness programmes to fight counterfeiting.

Campo das Cebolas
1149-035 Lisboa
Tel.: 218 818 100
Fax: 218 869 859
Email: atm@inpi.pt
Site: http://www.inpi.pt

imagem GNR
As a criminal police force, GNR is responsible for the development of monitoring operations concerning sales, storage and circulation of counterfeit goods. It is also responsible for carrying out investigation measures and instituting criminal proceedings assigned by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Largo do Carmo,
1200-092 Lisboa
Tel.: 213 217 000 / 213 217 455
Fax: 213 474 819
Email: gnr@gnr.pt
Site: http://www.gnr.pt


The Tax and Customs Authority (AT), in particular the Customs Authorities are responsible for the effective control of the external border of the European Union (EU)  for fiscal and economic purposes and for the protection of society, according to the policy established by the Government and on the basis of the law of the EU. The goal of the policy of protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) is to prevent  unfair and illegal commercial activity in the territory of the EU of products/goods which violate IPR, so called pirate and counterfeit goods. With this purpose in mind, legal measures have been developed to prevent as much as possible, the importation of such goods. Measures have been adopted to allow Customs to efficiently act to control such illegal activity without harming free and lawful trade. Thus, in a first phase, the aim is to ensure awareness of the legal framework relating to customs activity with regard to the fight against counterfeiting and piracy. In a second phase, of operational character, the intention is for stakeholders to be informed about the control methodology in practice by the AT within the scope of the protection of the external border of the EU. This methodology is based on risk management with regard to the selection of shipments that will be controlled, bearing in mind the huge amount of shipments to be evaluated, the management of available resources and the right balance between controls performed, their costs and the need to ensure that legal traffic of goods flows smoothly.
Rua da Alfândega, n.º 5, R/C
1149-006 Lisboa
CAT - Centro de Atendimento Telefónico: 707 206 707
Telefone: 21 881 37 00
Linha Azul: 21 881 38 18
E-mail: at@at.gov.pt
Site: //info.portaldasfinancas.gov.pt/pt/at/at_index.html

imagem PJ
The mission of Polícia Judiciária (PJ), under the terms of its organic law and the Organisation of Criminal Investigation Act (LOIC), is to assist the judicial and prosecuting authorities in investigations, to develop and foster preventive, detection and investigative actions, falling within their jurisdiction or the actions which the Polícia Judiciária is entrusted with by the competent judicial and prosecuting authorities. 

The exclusive competences of the Polícia Judiciária within the scope of criminal investigation are defined in Sections 7 and 8 of the LOIC - Act no.49/2008, 27 August 2008.

Direcção Nacional
Rua Gomes Freire, 174, 1169-007 Lisboa
Tel: 218 641 000 
Fax: 213 304 260 


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